The idea of the logo is inspired by the playing cards, recognizable in more than one direction.

The purpose is to show the good and the bad side of Jack. If the design is turned over, it shows a different face with the same meaning; Jack the Clipper.

logo explaination

The bad is portrayed as the legend 'Jack the Ripper'. Jack is a mysterious serial killer who is active in the district of London in 1888 (or Victorian Era). To maintain the style of the Victorian Era, Jack wore a coat and a top hat, where the hat is covering his eyes to show his mysteriousness.

The good represents our Jack, the British barber with a trendy undercut, clearing up the barbarism (Jack the Ripper) to barbership (Jack the Clipper).

Keeping the vintage look with the touch of the 1800s Victorian Era with the blend of British culture is the goal of this branding to emphasize our character, Jack the Ripper.

(move your cursor to reveal the real Jack below)

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